Hello all.

TO GET THE HELMET,COSTUMES or PROPS shown here, please go directly to

www.anikicosplay.com or  aniki-cosplay.myshopify.com

Thank you

All the characters and/or series portrayed here is the copyright from their respective owners. DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with, TOEI, BANDAI, SABAN, or studios affiliated with our favorite superheroes characters referred to and on this website. We provide a service to build commissioned built items providing the labor as a service. Any item(s) listed or spoke of ,represents an item you can request as a build for your personal collection and is intended as “Art work” and not for resale. By hiring us we provide a service to build your prop, set or garments that you choose or design or refer to. No intent is made to infringe upon any and all copyrights. All our works are tributes to characters. We do not indorse any use of our commissioned builds to any one individual or company. We also reserve artists rights unless otherwise agreed upon.


  1. can you make a mmpr green dragon ranger costume in a medium size with the dagger and morpher? If so, how much will it be?

  2. hi im rashaun, i wanted to know how much for a full set of red mmpr, time force, oo, jungle fury, and ninja storm. can u tell me the full price of each?

  3. What colours did you made for the kyoruger costume with helmet without weapons and how much does it cost? Thanks for your attention very much!

  4. Hello Aniki, I am Hakim from Singapore. I want to know how much does a Gosei Red/Red Megaforce helmet and pair of boots cost? I only need these two as I have the suit. How much do they cost individually?

  5. Hey Guys was wondering How much for The full White MMPR Set up and also would u guys make Youth Stuff for say a 9 year old also

  6. hey anki im a big fan of your work you are amazing its so cool how you put toghter power ranger suits im wondering how much is it for a spd shadow ranger suit coast and how long will it take so if you have any questions just look for me here at your fan page sincerly jesse

  7. How much is a full set Kyoruger red or blue costume? I mean with the helmet. I’m from Hong Kong.
    P.S.Excellent work from Aniki 🙂

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