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We began in 2005 as a small Fan based Cosplayers, who specialized in Japanese Tokusatsu (Live Action Heroes) and Power Rangers series. As of now, we are a fulltime Props and Costume makers to the genre above. We accept commission to make Cosplay Props/Helmets and/or Costumes. Our works has been known in the Power Rangers fandom in the United States, especially, but also in other regions as well. Some of the actors from the PR series also own a piece of our works, be it helmet and/or full costumes. You must know names such as Jason David Frank, Walter Jones, Catherine Sutherland, Nakia Burrise among a few others. We create all of our props with passion and dedications, because we are also a diehard Fans like you.

We HAND CRAFTED and HAND MADE every single commission, and we put a lot of efforts into details. That is why we do not MASS PRODUCED our items. We do not have stocks for any items on this page, everything is Commission based Order only.

Our Facebook pages : www.facebook.com/anikicosu

Commission Price depends on model and/or parts. Shipping is included on all the price.

Please e-mail aniking2005@gmail.com or send message (Preferred) on

Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/messages/anikicosu)

All the characters and/or series portrayed here is the copyright from their respective owners.

DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with, TOEI, BANDAI, SABAN, or studios affiliated with our favorite superheroes characters referred to and on this website. We provide a service to build commissioned built items providing the labor as a service. Any item(s) listed or spoke of ,represents an item you can request as a build for your personal collection and is intended as “Art work” and not for resale. By hiring us we provide a service to build your prop, set or garments that you choose or design or refer to. No intent is made to infringe upon any and all copyrights. All our works are tributes to characters. We do not indorse any use of our commissioned builds to any one individual or company. We also reserve artists rights unless otherwise agreed upon.

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  1. Hi im from ireland im 5″11 and was wondering how much for a full mmpr white suit cost and how long would it take??

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