This Terms and Conditions can be updated when needed by me.

Ver. 5.0 May 2013

All the characters and/or series portrayed here is the copyright from their respective owners.

DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with, TOEI, BANDAI, SABAN, or studios affiliated with our favorite superheroes characters referred to and on this Facebook page , and or our websites . We provide a service to build commissioned built items providing the labor as a service. Any item(s) listed or spoke of ,represents an item you can request as a build for your personal collection and is intended as “Art work” and not for resale. By hiring us we provide a service to build your prop, set or garments that you choose or design or refer to. No intent is made to infringe upon any and all copyrights. All our works are tributes to characters. We do not indorse any use of our commissioned builds to any one individual or company. We also reserve artists rights unless otherwise agreed upon.

When you commissioned me to make a helmet and/or costumes meaning you have read and agree to all the terms and conditions in this note. Even if you did not read and didn’t know, by commissioning me i will assume that you have read and agree.

I accept commission to make Japanese Tokusatsu Cosplay Costume ONLY including but not limited to Power Rangers,Sentai,Kamen Rider,Metal Heroes and Ultraman. Meaning no Ironman,Naruto or any others. Don’t bother to ask, I won’t and never will make those.

Be prepared to wait around 2-3 months for normal helmet and costumes commission (Read : Works I have made before). Custom Order or Works that I have never make before is around 4 up to 10 months, depends on the queue and difficulties of the project.

So what can I make?

As long as the price is right, I can make almost any tokusatsu cosplay costumes.

What is your standard helmet size ? Here it is :


Can you make the helmet bigger?

If you CANNOT wear the helmet at all, sorry I cannot help. However if you CAN WEAR BUT CANNOT CLOSE the helmet’s back side, I can extend it Free of Charge.

For Kamen Rider’s Chest Armor, can you make it bigger ?

I can only extend it, but cannot make it wider/bigger. The size is around the same size they used for the real thing in Japan and the chest armor is designed to fit normal adult size. READ ABOVE. Same rules apply to the chest armor extending process.

What is your standard Kamen Rider’s Chest Armor size ? Here it is :

Where can I get the measurements chart for the suit ?

Chart will be sent only after payment received.

How do I pay ?

Paypal or Moneybookers (Skrill)

Can I split payments ?

Yes. 50% half in front and the rest once your order ready to ship. However I require full payment in front for helmets.

What is the shipping methods ?

DHL Express 3-4 days worldwide. I will update tracking numbers once my shipping agent gave it to me.

Why are you so late in replying messages or e-mails ?

Because I have a life outside making costumes and cosplay. You will be surprised if you know how many messages I received everyday, from serious questions about commission to the straight to trash folders messages like asking for a helmet for free and i got cancer, can you give me a costume for free and stuff like that.

Why is it took so long to make a helmet and/or costumes ?

Because it is HANDMADE. And we DO NOT STOCK them, and we DO NOT MASS PRODUCE.

HELP! The helmet did not fit me, I want a refund !!

Very sorry, but NO REFUNDS or RETURNS. I will replace damaged parts if you can provide evidence such as Pics.

So the point is….PREPARE TO WAIT FOR MINIMUM 2 MONTHS (Unless we had a special agreement) if you are planning on commissioning from me.

Thank you

16 thoughts on “F.A.Q

  1. I was wondering how much you charge for the MMPR Black Ranger suit and the helmet and just the helmet by itself. I was thinking about treating myself to a nostalgic Birthday present. Sorry forgot to put which suit I was talking about in the first post.

  2. Hi Aniki, I’ve purchased from you before. I have an inquiry. I would like to commission all 5 mmpr full cosplays (red, blue, pink, yellow, black) What would be the price? Could you give me a deal since I’m purchasing all 5? Thank you!

  3. Hey aniki.
    I was wondering how much will it cost for the green MMPR costume complete with helmet, shield, and everything?

    And could you also give me a quote if I decide to get all MMPR costumes.
    Red, black, yellow, pink, blue and green?

  4. Hi aniki. Is it possible to get the MM White Ranger suit piece by piece. Boots, gloves, belt, helmet, armor vest, and body suit all individually or does it all have to be together?

  5. I was curious if it is possible to buy just the breast plate for the green ranger? And if so how much/how long would it take?

  6. I was wondering how much it would be a MMPR Green Ranger Costume! They look amazing! Also as well a size sheet so my measurements will be exact.

    Thank you!!

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