21 thoughts on “Super Megaforce

  1. Hi I was just wondered how much would the whole silver costume be with weapon and all and also how much without weapon. Also is there a holster or something in the costume for said weapon? I thank you for you time

  2. Hi I just only want to know, How much are the whole Red Gokaiger custom with & without the weapon. And if I can ask the custom measures or are already made??. By the way I’m from Mexico. Thanks for your time.
    – Daniel

  3. How much would it cost for the GokaiSilver helmet, GokaiSilver boots with cuffs, and gloves with the cuffs? Sorry for being to questioning. > . <

  4. Hi there I was wondering how much does Gokai Red aka Super MegaForce costs & with shipping to the USA? The weapons on the other hand I can always get the Gokai Gun/Super Mega Blaster, as well as the Gokai Saber/Super Mega Saber from Amazon.

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